Who We Are

Willington on the Way is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation that was formed in 1998 to lead the rebirth and restoration of Willington. It is a grassroots umbrella group that serves as a catalyst for many diverse local community actions and projects that effective leverages the people, resources and ideas into positive concert results.

Our Vision and Strategy

The community’s vision and strategy are to use the unique history and culture of Willington as the overarching ‘theme’ of a numbers of specific development activities including:

  • Restore and rehabilitate the row of 11 historic ‘downtown” buildings
  • Create a Local History Center / Welcome Center in a historic structure
  • Refurbish the Green Olive School into a African America Cultural Center
  • Open a used bookstore with extensive internet sales; we have over 30,000 books
  • Leverage other economic development with a café and other related business
  • Use the synergy of these developments and facilities to house and support a variety of community and economic development activities


The non profit organization is led by two boards: a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board. The Board of Directors meets monthly for the ongoing administration of the organization. The Advisory Board meets yearly to provide ideas, vision, and suggestions for the future.

Board of Directors

President: Sara Covin Juengst - Willington
Vice-President: Donald Moss - Willington
Secretary: Michael Dorn - Calhoun Falls
Treasurer: Jim Beyer - Savannah Lakes Village
Jean Able - Abbeville
Ann Francavilla - Savannah Lakes Village
Robert Galloway - Mount Carmel
Tom Love - Willington
Patrick Moss - Willington
Jean Price - McCormick
Geraldine Ware - Willington
Bill Wood – Willington

Advisory Board

Wright Adnrews – McLean, VA
Carolyn Brice – Easley, SC
Edward Britt – Athens, GA
Philip Covin – Atlanta, GA
Senator Shane Massey – Edgefield, SC
Ed McAllister – Washington, DC and Mt. Carmel, SC
Phil Noble, Jr. – Charleston, SC
The Honorable Anne Parks – Greenwood, SC
Frank Wideman - Bradley, SC


11 miles north of McCormick (Hwy 28 to Hwy 81N)
19 miles WSW of  Abbeville (Hwy 72W to 823 to Hwy 81S)
25 miles WSW of Greenwood (Hwy 72W to 823 to Hwy 81S
50 miles S of Anderson (Hwy 81s)
56 miles N of Augusta (Hwy 28n to Hwy 81N)